The best Indian Restaurant in Rotterdam

One of the best sightseeings in Rotterdam

What’s up India is one of the best sightseeings in Rotterdam!

Campaya for rental of holiday homes have chosen What’s up India as one of the best sightseeings in Rotterdam when it comes to the best and most delicious authentic Indian food!

Rotterdam is a city where there is always something special to experience. In recent years, many new icons have been added to the skyline of the city, such as the Markthal, De Rotterdam and Rotterdam Central Station. If you are planning a city trip to Rotterdam then you can certainly spend a whole day on that, but it is better to plan a city trip of two to three days if you do not want to walk around in Rotterdam in a hurry. Rotterdam has something to offer for everyone, but is especially nice for those who are interested in modern architecture, ports and art in all possible forms.

The dynamics of Rotterdam challenges you to discover the city everytime again and again.

What’s Up India is a truly authentic Indian restaurant, where we combine delicious authentic Indian food with a beautiful ambiance; we are especially proud of serving freshly prepared food.By the way, we do not compromise on ingredients when it comes to preparation and everyone who has eaten with us has said the same and complimented us. Our chefs come from India with international experience and in combination with the excellent cooking capacity of my wife we ​​have a unique and fantastic kitchen team.

Our taste and quality is a promise and we are proud to distinguish ourselves from the rest. Our goal is not to be the best, but the most special and every day in small steps.We work our way to that special place in the heart of our guests. We invite everyone to enjoy the authentic Indian food in a very cozy luxury ambiance with super friendly prices in Rotterdam.

Come, join us and share our happiness with us! As a What-up family in India, we hope to see you soon in our restaurant. Their goal is not to be the best, but the most special, the whole world serves food, “They serve Happiness !!!

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